Arctic Tern 17

Picture of Bob in Arctic Tern

Arctic Tern

The Arctic Tern is a 17 foot Touring Kayak, with a 23 inch beam. It weighs only 39 lbs. It’s height is 13 inches and the cockpit measures 17″ X 33″. top cruising speed is 5.37 mph. The Arctic Tern comes complete with carry toggles, and adjustable seat. I build this boat without bulkheads, but  can add them with sealed hatches for a reasonable additional charge. Paddle is not included.

Here is a portion of a review of this model from Sea Kayaker Magazine:

Arctic Tern 17, Best Kit Kayak, Sea Kayaker Reader’s Choice 2005

“Varnished mahogany always turns heads at the beach, but the appeal of the Arctic Tern 17, introduced in 1999, had to be more than skin deep to take such a commanding lead in our reader poll. In 1986, designer John Lockwood produced the first computer-designed kayak kit and went into business as Pygmy Sea kayaks. The Arctic Tern, available in a 14 foot and a 17 foot version, is his 13th kayak design. At less than 45 pounds for a full-size touring kayak, it’s easy to carry. It’s simple to get in and out of the cockpit, and there’s plenty of foot room forward. The angled panels at the perimeter of the deck allow for good interior volume without interfering with paddling. The initial stability is fair and secondary stability excellent- a combination that makes the Arctic Tern 17 a breeze to edge. For fishing and photography, a bit of cargo in the hold will provide a steady platform to work from. The single-chined hull tracks well and, set on edge, carves a nice turn. The kayak accelerates quickly and is very easy to drive along at a brisk cruising pace. If you’re going to build a kayak, you’ll want one worthy of your investment in time and effort. The Arctic Tern will reward your efforts with a finished product that’s as pleasing to look at as it is to paddle.”

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