Pinguino Sport

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Pinguino Sport

The Pinguino is a recreational kayak. It is 13 feet in length, with a 25.5″ beam. It’s height is 13 inches and weighs only 34 lbs. It has a top cruising speed of 4.67 mph. It comes with hand toggles, and adjustable seat. Deck rigging, bulkheads and hatches may be added at additional cost.

The Pinguino Sport’s cockpit will fit a wide range of Adult size paddlers. Paddlers hoping to find a bit more space in the cockpit, compared to an average touring kayak, will be pleased. Paddlers with long legs and larger shoe sizes will be especially appreciative of the 13″ deck height. Use her on open saltwater coastlines, bays, lakes, and meandering rivers. An excellent choice for fishing and photography. Though the Pinguino Sport is a recreational kayak at heart, she has the soul of a sea kayak, so don’t be afraid to take her out in the surf. The Pinguino Sport’s size also makes her an excellent choice for stowing on the deck of a larger boat for day paddling from a “mothership”.

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