Recent Testimonials and Comments

Dear Bob,

After a prolonged decision selecting my Selkie, wood kayak from Pygmy, I engaged in equally lengthy research on selecting a builder for my boat. I spoke to at least six local individuals (by local, I mean within 300 miles), all of whom had experience building wood kayaks. For me, I made the best decision in selecting you. And I’m so happy with my new, beautiful kayak. The number one characteristic you brought to the project was integrity. You were forthright about little decisions and judgement calls during the build, extremely responsive to my inquiries, even those which were just general kayaking questions, and very fair priced. I couldn’t be happier. Your workshop, sunny and spacious, well-organized and custom designed by you to build kayaks, is a reflection of your passion for your hobby.

Of course I’ve been out paddling several times since I picked it up. I can load it by myself which at 5’2” and 110 lbs, was important to me. People stop me both on the street when its on the car, and whenever I go paddling to give me compliments. I am so proud to be seen in it. It paddles like a dream despite my inexperience.

Thank you for your superior craftsmanship in building my kayak. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss it with anyone who is trying to select a kayak builder. They should call you for my phone number.

All the best,