Borealis XL:
The Borealis XL design complements Pygmy’s line of multi-chine hull shapes, combining the raked stern and sweeping sheer line of a Greenland style kayak, with the performance and beauty of our famous multi-chine kayaks.

Design Features: The Borealis XL is a high volume solo touring kayak suited for paddlers weighing 230-300lbs. At 17′, with a 25.5″ beam, 13″ deck height, and extra large 19″x36″ cockpit the Borealis provides the volume, stability, and ease of entry that bigger paddlers need.

More comfortable fit for everyone: Originally designed for heavier paddlers, we were surprised to discover what a pleasure the Borealis is to paddle for anyone wanting a roomier more comfortable boat with increased stability for a more relaxed feeling on the water.  Paddlers wanting more foot and leg room will love the Borealis XL.  It’s 13″ deck height gives you more foot room and allows your knees to be bent more. Our experience is that this sitting position can reduces foot and leg cramping.  Pygmy’s signature cambered decks cut away the sheer enabling you to maintain a high paddle angle and ergonomic stroke, despite her extra width.  For those that prefer a smaller cockpit size she is also available with our standard 17″x33″ cockpit, and can be fitted with  keyhole knee braces and the Spirit Line molded foam seat, with hip pads.

 High Volume and High Performance: The Borealis XL design is by far the most stable solo kayak , yet its sophisticated multi-chine hull design has only 2.8% more wetted surface than the highly rated, award winning Arctic Tern 17′ design.  This means you get the benefits of a dramatic increase in initial stability, more space for gear, and a roomier, more comfortable cockpit without sacrificing paddling efficiency and performance.  The Borealis XL tracks solidly, and responds quickly to edge turns.

Great for long distance touring: High performance, high volume, and high comfort equals a great boat for long distance touring.  If you want to carry lots of stuff with ease and comfort the Borealis XL should be considered a great choice for ocean touring and extended camping.