First Kayak with 4 Decks:
This kayak is designed for Greenland rolls. The rear cockpit height of all four models has been lowered to allow advanced paddlers, who execute Greenland rolls, to lie back flat on the rear deck.
Sleek and Thin: The Murrelet series is Pygmy’s newest 17 foot multi-chine hull made for those who like a high-performance kayak. At 22 inches wide she is thin and sleek, but retains very comfortable initial stability. She’s got Pygmy’s trademark tracking and handling. She executes leaned turns beautifully and is very well behaved in wind and waves. Though this kayak is designed with the Greenland roll in mind, this is a great performance touring kayak for intermediate kayakers or novices looking to expand their skillset. Pick this great hull and your choice of four decks. Murrelet2 Murrelet3 Murrelet4 Murrelet5